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Another way of saying Unacceptable in Onyx's point of view.
Guy1 : hey,i brought the movie,its brokeback mountain :D

Guy2: Thats Onyxceptable
by Converseeeeeeeee June 28, 2009
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Basically,a Channel on the SwiftIrc Server full of 12 year old kids with nothing else to do but to help other 12 year old kids with Runescape. A bunch of SwiftIrc's Main people go there making it the biggest fagfest on That irc server.
17:07:59 <@Converse> #rshelp
17:08:00 <@Converse> * Cannot join #rshelp, you are banned from the channel
17:08:01 <@Converse> FUCK THAT NIGGER SHIT
17:08:13 <@Aesthetic> lololol gg
17:08:14 <@``Tony``> LL
17:08:17 <@peyton> luls.
by Converseeeeeeeee September 02, 2009
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