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1. The favorite professional football team of illegal aliens and criminals everywhere.
2. A Majoirty of Radiers fans have never even played organized sports at anytime in their lives. These are fans who didn't even play sports in high school because they dropped out or attended "escuela" south of the border. The most unknowledgable sports fans in the world-freakin retard non-jocks!! Want to solve the illegal alien problem--close the gates to during a Raiders game and run an ICE sweep.
I went to a Raiders game two weeks ago and barely heard English being spoken, and talk about thugs, criminals, and drug dealers!! If you quized the fans of every pro football team regarding the rules of football and whether they, as fans, ever played organized football-the Raiders fans would rank at the bottom. I've never seen so many insecure overcompensating males. Read up on Frued's theories on compensatation.
by Conservative in San Fran-Freako October 14, 2006

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