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Facepunch Studios (Also known as FP, facepunch, facewound, fagsnightout, or shithouse) is one of the most controversial websites ever.

The following mods are assholes:
VeryNiceLady (Is a bitch, she bans for retarded reasons.)
Dragon (It's a FURFAG who bans for SHIT reasons)

The following members are fags/retards:
Big Blue
Big Blues alts
Dougs alts

The following sections should be deleted:
Furry Section
Fast Threads
Anything unrelated to Garry's Mod

History of Facepunch-
Facepunch was the website made for the game Facewound, back in the days. It is NOW the OFFICIAL forum for Garry's Mod (See Garry's Mod) but is now filling with other gay stuff.

Back in the day around 2006 someone requested the OIFY for fur porn (It was dragon) and Garry (See Garry Newman) gave it to him. It was (and is now AGAIN) hidden and the only way to get to it was to be logged in and change the forum display number to 56.

It has been run down, (Except for Craptasket, we love you dude) who is trying to bring peace back. It is mainly used for porn dumping, spam, and shit threads.

OIFY is very strange to people. They always ask what it means/stands for. There are a ton of explainations:
OIFY is Youll Figure It Out
OIFY is Only I fucked you!

Whatever it means, go die.
Person 1: I just signed up on facepunch!
Person 2: *has stroke*
Person 3: Quick, person 3, kill it with FIRE!
Person 4: *Kills it with fire*
by Concerned Facepuncher November 30, 2009
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