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A problem of sorts with in the eyes that presents problems in seeing colors. Occurs in males more than females. Though they can be color blind. Color blindness is genetic, and can be found in generations following a color blind individual. You cannot identify color blindness on a computer, a real eye doctor/ doctor must be consulted.
Color blind people, normally do not like to be 'tested' by having to identify colors. Some people will ask about an obvious color (i.e; a person's skin color) and accuse the color blind individual of faking this sight deficiency.

Some people have also learned to some what force themselves to see a color by substituting it in their mind. For example, a colorblind person may see the grass as a reddish color, but think of a green color and merge it into their sight.
Todd is color blind.

Allison(With a white shirt) : Todd what color is my shirt?!

Todd(Thinking it must be white) : White.

Allison: You're not color blind! Faker!
by Colorblind_Colorguardie August 06, 2009

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