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A redneck is simply a caucasian southerner. I will agree, not all rednecks are educated, but some of us are. The fact that a person enjoys outdoor activities does not make them a redneck. You have your redneck, and then you have your WHITE TRASH, or caucasian waste, rather. Rednecks tend to be classier, more intellectual southerners, while white trash folks are described as...well....just read most of the above definitions. Rednecks are not the racists, white trash folks are. You people are getting it all mixed up.

Redneck = polite, friendly southerner who might happen to enjoy chewing tobacco

White Trash = dumb-ass backwater hicks who make southerners look bad.
Redneck phrase: "Howdy, my name's David."

White Trash: "Her her her I like shootin' niggers!"
by Collin Mayfield October 07, 2005
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