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A joke made in elementry school by some retard who tried to be funny, it is inserted into your calculator and the end result is the word boobless, you turn the calculator upside down to see the word more clearly.
The Myth Behind 6922251X8.

There was a woman with 69 boobs, she ate 222 many of them, she went to 51st street to visit Dr X, who 8 (ate) all of them,and she was left, Boobless.
by Cody Pearson May 11, 2006
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"Aour" is a word used to describe extreme frusteration or annoyance. The word does not need to be with other words in a sentence for "Aour" is a sentence in itself. The word was first used by Cody and Darryl in the good old days before Dustin ruined it with his bad pronounciation and emphasis that just destroyed the mood.
1."Are they serving Pizza in the Caffetorium today?"
"No, I think they are selling fried rice and chicken"

2."Hey man, asked out Gwen yesterday, isn't she hot?"
"Aour! No! Disgusting!"
by Cody Pearson September 14, 2005
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