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A nice quiet town Northwest of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Actually considered a "Diamond in the Rough" academically because it has kind of flown below the radar for years. Most "Pretentious" people from the Grand Rapids area look down upon the residents of Sparta, considering them trash and incompetent. The people of Sparta are known for their fanatical Blue Collar work ethic and think that the "Pretentious" attitudes of surrounding areas stem from the fact that Spartans tend to be on the lower end of the workforce totem pole. The nice people of Sparta are fine with and almost welcome this attitude, as it keeps most people from venturing "north" to explore. Sparta is an example of one of those small towns where most people know each other and you can't seem to walk down the street without bumping into a few friends. People live comfortably amongst each each in this town, a place where you can still keep the doors unlocked at night (albeit, there is trouble from time to time as there is in most places). The town mascot is the obvious - The Spartan. Athletic teams are now competitive in most sports, something this quiet little village couldn't claim in recent years. However there is an exception as there seems to be a basketball hoop on every garage in this town, and the Basketball (boys and girls) teams are far from competing for a state championship. A nice place to grow up and raise a family, which again, is a very very hard place to find these days. Hopefully we won't get too much negative feedback on this site like our bretheran in Sparta, NJ.
Boy #1 - "Hey man, where are you from?"
Boy #2 - "I'm from Sparta, MI"
Boy #1 - "Your dad must work for my dad then - you Spartans suck!"
Boy #2 - "Yeah, well, you know what they say about Spartans - they have huge cocks and superhuman strength!"
by Cocomungo October 04, 2007
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