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A derogatory remark, common in the online gaming community, that aims to make another player feel inferior for being new/unfamiliar with a particular ga,e. It is very often accompanied by the word 'noob' or 'newb' (another derogatory comment aimed at making a player feel inferior for being unfamiliar with a game)

In the most 'genuine' of situations, it is proclaimed to a newer player by a veteran who does not have the patience to take the time to help.

In more ironic situations, a losing player will use it as a protest against tactics that he/she finds 'unfair' or 'newbish'
A) player 1: How do I switch weapons?

player 2: omg l2p noob

b) "Omfg l2p and stop camping." said after being shot three times by the same player, hiding in the same spot, in a first-person shooter.
by Clovermite March 9, 2011
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