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A group of women who were losers in high school but now work a low class job and plan to seek there revenge on the good people of Peapod. They do not work but boss others around and can be seen strolling together but not working. They must have a buddy at all times incase if emergency licking. When this is needed they point down to there crotch area and simply say NOW!
Thing1: I'm sorry I'm about a half hour late I over slept. Last night was the best night of my life.
Thing2: It is alright I have all my other slaves here. By the way last night was wonderful for me to. I think I might come over tonight but we must not tell my husband.
Thing1: Of course not we must let him think we are only friends. He must take care of your children wile be galavant across Peapod.
Thing2: Will you please be my buddy and come to the bathroom with me I feel a emergency lick is needed! ( Points to crotch) NOW!

Thing1 and 2 ( Walk by other Peapod workers)
Peapod worker: Look its the lick click.
by Clickitgood345 January 01, 2013
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