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One of the greatest progressive rock bands on the planet.

Nick Wright - Drums
Alex Clark - Vocals
Alex Everett - Guitar
Ezra Bortner - Bass

You might ask, How did this awesome band start? A legitimate, yet stupid question. An awesome, manly man named Nick Wright (the kind of guy you read about in the Bible) was watching his favorite band, The Mars Volta. When he thought to himself, Wow! We should rock this hard! Into this Godly picture came Alex Clark, who hung out with Nick on a regular basis. They could often be spotted eating hamburgers with A1 steak sauce at the Waffle House together. They both decided that it was time to start something so great and powerful that it made Wrestlemania III look like a crappy sci-fi flick. So Nick found another Alex, but this Alex doesnt sing. This Alex he wailed on his mighty guitar. Shortly afterward, Alex found Ezra, who slapped a bass harder than he slapped his mom. The foursome formed Clash of Kings, probably to become the greatest band of all time.
Some guy: Wow, (insert any band name here) is the greatest band I've ever heard.

Other guy: You have never heard of Clash of Kings have you?
by Clash of Kings May 28, 2006
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