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A combination of the words "spin" (with the 🅱️ emoji) , "bin it" and the Italian suffix "-ala". Popularized by Italian redditor U/Alphamaxnova1, it means when someone fails to do something, or, better, "sends into garbage" something. It also means when someone order to fail or making a mistake in what people are doing in that specific moment. Is widely used in Formula 1 and motor racing context, where someone (particularly team principals and especially Mattia Binotto) wants to create situations that disadvantages the other teams and advantages their drivers. Is usually accompanied with a photo of someone with a phone (Binotto in particular) making the call where he order to fail.
"Oh no! They had S🅱️innato! Now they have to start all over again!"
"Pronto, S🅱️innala." (Starts to do mistakes)
"Hey! Why did you had a S🅱️innala? It was so easy to did that!"
"We have S🅱️innato it again."
by Citizen_Erased79 June 21, 2020
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