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A piano is a musical instruments which uses felt hammers to strike the steel strings then immediately rebound allowing the strings to rebound.

It has a damper pedal which lifts up little mechanisms that allow the strings to vibrate longer, if the mechanisms are let down again. it stops the vibrations half way down the string giving a shorter tone.
The piano is widely used in Western music for solo performance, ensemble use, chamber music, and accompaniment. It is also very popular as an aid to composing and rehearsal. Although not portable and often expensive, the piano's versatility and ubiquity have made it one of the most familiar musical instruments. It is sometimes classified as both a percussion and a stringed instrument. According to the Hornbostel-Sachs method of music classification, it is grouped with Chordophones.

The word piano is a shortened form of the word pianoforte, which is seldom used except in formal language and derived from the original Italian name for the instrument, clavicembalo or gravicembalo col piano e forte (literally harpsichord with soft and loud). This refers to the instrument's responsiveness to keyboard touch, which allows the pianist to produce notes at different dynamic levels by controlling the speed with which the hammers hit the strings.

The early version of the piano was a harpsichord which uses white keys for sharps and flats, and black keys for the white keys.

Concert pianists require lots of training but once they are ready. They can play any piece of music put in front of him/her

I am a grade 5 pianist and it took some time to achieve this grade.
Fryderyk Chopin and Scott Joplin are great pianists in which made some incredibly fast pieces of music for the piano!

Scott- The Entertainer Rag
Chopin- Op166
by Christopher S. A. Jones September 03, 2008

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