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Fupa-Saurus is a name commonly derived from a species of previously thought to be extinct creatures. Contrary to popular belief, the Fupasaurus originated in North America at a McDonalds location near you.The spread of the Fupasaurus has been epidemic in proportion. Most common signs of a Fupasaurus are extreme buldging Fupa, a fupa of biblical proportions, and the appearance of 2 monstrous bellies. A person who is referred to as a Fupasaurus is morbidly obese with a Fupa that is so extreme it has it's own zip code. Another trait is the amazing cottage cheese legs and hidden sandwiches contained under the rolls of flab. Apparently many are confused about it's existence, even those who carry the gene. When you are a Fupasaurus you believe you are still sexy. A true Fupasaurus wears spandex to reveal the beast's ugliness. This can be very disturbing for those who gaze upon the Fupasaurus. It is also believed that the Fupasaurus swallowed the #1 Fupapottamus in a fit of rage. Reasons for the anger at the Fupapottamus are currently not known but it is believed that the Fupasaurus was angry because the # 1 Fupapottamus was getting extremely large, possibly threatening it's territory. The Fupasaurus is an extremely territorial creature and will roll over anything in the way of the doughnut box. Please approach with caution for this creature is deadly!
Joanne at the distribution center is a Fupasaurus!

Holy crap, did you see Charlie shortshoulder get crushed in front of the doughnut box by that Fupasaurus!
by Chris L Colorado July 11, 2009
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