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1. A first person shooter video game for the Xbox featuring wicked ass sweet gameplay. Added weapons and features, plus online play!

2. The only game that you would consider over sex.

3. The game that will pwn Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which is expected to sell 1 copy. The greatness of 2 hour game length seen in GTA SA will overwelm the brain and try to make you date richard simmons. In other words GTA: SA got is gonna get smacked.

Xbox owner: "I got Halo 2"
PS2 owner: "I got GTA SA"
PS2 owner: *bows down to Xbox owner*
Xbox owner: "Yeah that's right bitch"
Damn, girl. I cant give you sex right now, im kickin ass in halo 2.
by Chris, the l33t October 18, 2004
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Not just the ability to be pro with a mouse and keyboard, but to be so uber with them that you can play at least four games at once and pwn.
Chris's micro is so uber he pwned me at ten games at once.
by Chris, the l33t November 01, 2004
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