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A subset of the female species that is attracted to anything tacky and expensive. They have adapted to solely wearing Uggs footwear, even when the temperature surpasses eighty degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter, they most often wear their Uggs with a substitute of leggings instead of pants, completely unaware of the fact that no one in hell wants to see their black-clad asscheeks. In the summer, they wear their Uggs with miniskirts, even though the outfit clearly defies logical sense and, moreover, good taste. They also tend to wear oversized sweatshirts depicting some nonexistent sports team that they like to pretend that they play for. In addition, to make things ever worse, they speak with one of the most irritating accents in the world, dragging their vowels out and over- accentuating their s's.
Person 1: Those are Long Island Girls.
Person 2: How do you know?
Person 1: Look at their ugly ass Uggs, those fugly leggings with their muffin tops spilling over, and the same tacky Hollister/Aeropostale/Abercrombie and Fitch tote bags that they're all carrying around.
by ChloeDaria February 21, 2009
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