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Where a man places his testicles on another person's nose, allowing the penis to rest upon the person's mouth and/or chin, while simultaneously holding said person by pinning their ears down with the man's hands. Also known as a "Dumbo," or the "Flying Dumbo."
Barry did not like it one bit when I gave him a flying elephant.
by Chips O'Toole August 09, 2006

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An activity whereby a man rests his testicles at the very bottom of one's nose near the nostrils, with his penis hanging above the lips and/or chin (depending upon its length), in which the man proceeds to swivel his hips, thereby causing the penis to swing back and forth upon the person's face. Similar to the Roman mask or Roman helmet, except a swinging movement is involved.
He really upset me, so I crept up behind him while he was sleeping and surprised him with a danglesnoot.
by Chips O'Toole August 07, 2006

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