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Possibly one of Burger King's greatest inventions, this burger has no limits. This burger has no wrongs. This burger just smells like 'Awesome'. This burger tastes best with a motherfucking bong. The 'Double Cheese Mother-Fucking Bacon Burger' has even brought WWII bad ass veterans to tears as they chewed into 'the King's masterpiece'. Basically go buy one.
Friend Guy 1: "You know what I could do with now?!"

Friend Guy 2: "What?"

Friend Guy 1: "A double cheese mother-fucking bacon burger."

Friend Guy 2: "Wow eh. Wow."

Hombre Uno: "Juan tengo hambre."

Hombre Dos: "¿Pues doble queso madre follando tocino hamburguesa, Si?

Hombre Uno: "¡Yúúm Yúúm!"
by Chilled Monkey May 02, 2011

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