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The act of extreme tickling wherein the tickler bends the middle and ring finger down on both hands and secures it with the thumb (leaving the "rock on" fingers remaining tall), and proceeds to jab the victim on both sides of the ribs at once.

A key component of this style of tickling is that it is accompanied by the tickler making a machine-gun type noise with his or her mouth while attacking the ribs in a staccato-fashion with the fingers kept straight.

(caution: It is very rare to receive this style of tickling and remain standing, or walk away after an attack without having peed your pants.)

"Amy, you better let me have a bite of that ice cream cone, or I'm gonna dystermite you!"

"Watch out, Amber because Dad is in the tickling mood. I just saw him dystermite Andy for five minutes straight."

"Who wants a Dystermite?" - said by tickler in a group of children, usually while jabbing dystermite fingers in the air and making the accompanying dystermite noise.
by ChildhoodDystermiteRecipient July 15, 2009

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