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A prerogative phrase used by reactionaries, far-right conservatives, alt-righters, white supremacists, white nationalists to mock African-Americans who claim that they've been victimized by police abuse of power. Also more broadly used a prerogative insult to refer to any African-American in any hypothetical criminal situation.

The racist slur simultaneously implies that African-Americans cannot speak proper English and that they are always criminal. The same people who like to use this word are the same people here downvoting any submission that actually defines this prerogative as what it is.
Look at those savage dindu nuffins rioting the streets
by ChiefJudge February 17, 2017
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A common name for Sars-Cov-2, AKA the Chinese Coronavirus, AKA the Chinese Virus.
I ate some bats and got Wuhan virus!
Some lady sat next to me on the subway and started coughing. I hope I didn't get the Wuhan virus.
by ChiefJudge April 4, 2020
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