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teh PENISCOPTER is the greatest, most difficult sexual maneuver ever invented. Only the most experienced sex Goddess can pull this off with a very talented male counterpart. The woman lays on her back and puts her ass end up in the air with her vagina perfectly vertical. The male then inserts himself and stretches his arms straight out superman style with his legs perfectly straight. He is now parallel to the floor and acts as a propeller. The woman then, using her vaginal muscles begins to spin the man slowly gaining speed. She keeps spinning him faster and faster while at the same time keeping a firm vaginal grip on the penis until the couple finally lifts off into the air. The sex Goddess keeps the man spinning until he eventually ejaculates and they couple breaks free from eachother.
I was concieved when my mother and father were the first (and maybe only) couple to successfully perform teh PENISCOPTER
by Chet Murphy July 02, 2009

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