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1. The art of mastering procrastination.

2. When you master procrastination well enough to know exactly when to screw off or work. You also know how to set things up so that you appear to be working, but really your just playing Tetris, looking at porn, etc.

Note: As a fair warning to anyone that tries this: it can be difficult at first, so don't do anything that can get you fired for the first few weeks. NEVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN. EVER.
1. This is an example of a shitty definition of the Art of Procrastination. (lol?)

2. You are playing your PSP when your boss walks in. You hide it somewhere that you already planned out on your desk. Your boss looks at your desk and sees your papers and a pen or whatever. The point is that he thinks your working. Your boss leaves and you pull out your PSP again until you know you need to work and still being able to get things done in a comfortable amount of time.
by Cheerios22 October 16, 2008

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1. The spoils of a simple and enjoyable hobby.
A. The rock hound's pride and joy.
B. The spoils of a slightly geeky hobby.

2. A collection consisting of rocks and minerals. The types of rocks and minerals in each collection varies depending on the collector's interests.
1. I have a rock collection.
A. I have an awesome rock collection!
B. If you like it, who really gives a shit.

2. I think my IQ dropped defining this. =/
by Cheerios22 October 16, 2008

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1. You knock someone to the ground, pull down your pants, sit on their face, and fart. Then yell something completely random, stupid, or funny.

2. The type of shit that practically slides out of your ass like the Bat Mobile and creates a splash so huge that you need a towel to wipe your butt with.
1. He pissed me off, so I dropped an atomic ass bomb on him and yelled HERE'S JOHNNY!

2. Damn it, not again! Fuck!....umm..Mom?
by Cheerios22 October 16, 2008

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