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Pretty much FUCKING UP!!! From start to finish, everything that you put into whatever it is that you're doing is wrong. There's no point even trying to figure out where you went wrong cuz everything is wrong. Just start over or have someone else do it that doesnt ALLOR IT UP. People ask, if I "ALLOR SOMETHING UP", will I ever get anything right again? The answer is simple, NO!!! Once you start ALLORING THINGS UP, you cant stop. So remember, measure twice, cut once, cuz you dont wanna ALLOR IT UP!!! Another definiton for this word is drinking until consumming more is nearly impossible. In other words, GETTING FUCKED UP or Annihilated.
Brian wrote an order today and ALLORED IT UP. Way to ALLOR THAT UP Brian.

Jim and Shane meet up with Brian the other night to go Jackeling and got ALL ALLORED UP!!! (See definition for Jackeling)
by Checkmate79 May 05, 2010
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