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A type of weed-smoking paraphernalia that traditionally refers to pipe that deliberately mimics the shape of a cigarette. In areas of the world where it is illegal to smoke weed, although weed is delicious and good for the high, it is wise to smoke out of a one hitter: if a cop sees you smokin' a one-hitter, he or she will just think it's a ciggey. Haw! You can fool 'em!

One hitters are also used by the stingy, frugal, or used to control how much of their stash friends or weed needin' acquaintances get to smoke. This is related to the custom that accompanies smoking a one-hitter: all the weed that is rammed into the pipe is smoked 'to the head' or by the individual, him or herself, who is handed the green tipped ciggie-chameleon.

A one-hitter is also referred to as a 'oney'.
A: Yo, you fuckin' kiddin? This is South Korea!
B: Don't even worry about it. Doan even weerry bout it...
A: Man, I'm scared as shit. If I get busted they gonna yank my passport; my student loans!
B: Shit, don't trip. This be a one hitter.
A: Oh.... cool. You dreamy!

A: Yo finish that shit, bitch!
B: Naw, man, I'm...
high as a fart-cloud

flyin in the night.
A: Fool that's a one-hitter. Put that in your head!
B: Aight.

A: Hey, let me get another one of those.
B: Sorry, bro. That's a 'one' hitter. That's all you get.
A: But I ain't even faded. Come on gimme another one.
B: Sorry man; I got all these scavengers up in my mutha fuckin piece... Why don't you buy a sack?

A: What's up with this cigarette? Feels hard as shit. Whatever...
B: (15 min. later). Oh shit, what happened to Mikey?
C: Oh no, he musta thought this oney was a cancer stick.
A: (Hazily) Guys! Take me to the emergency room. I think ahmina have a heart-attack.

B: Poofta!
by Che Boludo March 06, 2010

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This present participle is reserved for occasions of chatting on Skype, or some other such non-verbal chat medium. In such an instance, it's more appropriate than using the normal conversational verbal processes such as:

"telling", "saying", "talking about", "givin' you a 'shayout'", etc.

You realize you've been saying, "Yeah that's what I was 'telling' you the other night, (via Skype, foo!)
J. Man2999: Aw sheeyit! It's almost 2012! End of the world, clickkk!

P. Jizzy: Yeah, that's what I was telling you the other night, my light skinned brother!

J. Man2999: Huh? I don't remember you 'tellin' me that.

P. Jizzy: Yeah, member. We was rippin' Skype up for like three hours. Come on mayne, cay'nt you remember?

J. Man2999: Shittt, son! You mean that's what you was
'typing' me the other night. Yeah, now I remember; seeyin as you're all accurate with your verbal priznocesses!

sounds of:
(clickety click click click)
Schmitty: "Aw yeah, man! That's what I'm talkin' bout!
Shaney Shane: "Correction... (pushing up glasses at the other end of the screen conduit) You means, that's what you 'TYPIN' bout, homey.
by Che Boludo May 23, 2011

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Though historically the term implied the sexual attraction of a Caucasian to an African, it has since been more widely used to denote the sexual attraction of an individual from a more expansive set of ethnic origins (e.g., Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Latino, or even Aboriginal, etc.) to a person of African (Black) ethnicity. The term has even shifted enough colloquially to commonly include an African who is attracted to a non-African, or merely the attraction of a person from one ethnicity or racial background to a person with a diversely different racial background. It is interesting to note that in several western ideologies it is the Black Africans who are associated with the Jungle; although all people's ancestors originated from the Jungle, possibly because of popular images that stem from associations with classic African slavery in the United States, it has become a common presupposition that the Jungle belongs to Black Africans. This has been exploited negatively and positively by both Black Africans and those who are not Black Africans. What may be even more significant to observe is the phenomenal implication of such an 'urbanly' popular term: it is becoming increasingly common in this age of homogenizing Globalization for some people to be attracted to that which is different, or exotic: This either conscious choice/ or subconscious instinct could result in the mutation or evolution of the Homo sapiens species. (Good or bad depending on the reader's ideology).

Crescent: "Hey, so is Mike taking you to the Valentine's extravaganza?"

Abigail: "No, (bastard). He's taking Shamiqua."

Crescent: "Ope--! junGLE... FEEEEVVVVAAAA....!"


A-Hoff: "Dude, that biznizeyach ain't even sexy in the slightest. Why you let her tickle your booty?"

Bo-Bo Nuts: "I just don't know, bull-balls. I just don't know. It's like she has a spell on me. When ever I'm around her I just feel like time stops."

A-Hoff: "Hoo hoo, hoo.... JuGLE FEEEEVVVVAAAA!!!"
by Che Boludo March 05, 2010

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