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Similar to the highly contagious plague of senioritis, SpringQuarterItis is the lesser acknowledged but equally potent phenomenon of academic apathy that afflicts freshmen through seniors alike in the Spring quarter.

Symptoms include reduced GPA, an influx of self-referential jokes regarding the aforementioned, and a steep drop in shit's being given. Side effects range from promiscuity, solidification of friendships, and a more relaxed college atmosphere.
Professor- The class average was a 64%. Your next midterm is coming up in 3 weeks so I suggest some of you try to get your act together.
Class- *collective yawn, shuffle out of room to go play frisbee or take a nap*
Professor- *nostalgic sigh* I remember my first SpringQuarterItis...
by Chau_Mayne April 07, 2012

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