1 definition by Charlie Pydacoty

A small town located in southwestern part of Oklahoma. It's known for it's large amount of a yawtas, Cranksta Ganstas, and Geeter bugs roaming the city streets. It has been known to be one of the only places where you can be 15 and buy drugs, beer, tobacco and a 12 year old Apache Indaian whore all on the same corner. The term "get the hell out of Dodge" is widely used for how the town can turn the riches man to poverty. It's also the Home of "The Great" Eric Dabbs and once every year Anadarko has a Eric Dabbs day to celebrate his great achievements.
Hey, you wanna go to Anadarko?

Hell yeah dude I'm down lets pick up some brew and geeter while we are there and feed the yawtas
by Charlie Pydacoty September 02, 2007
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