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Sheen (n.) (v.)

Originating from the adorable Pusheen The Cat plush toys by Japanese brand Gund, "sheen" is a versatile term that can be either a noun or a verb.

As a noun "sheen" is synonymous with a person, animal or thing that is synonymous with any or all of such descriptives; cute, adorable, hot, good-looking, sexy, beautiful, clean, attractive, lovely, exceptional, special and similar such terms.

Alternatively, in its verb form "sheen" can be used in place of the word "fuck" in its various applications as a negative connotation.

See examples for clarification.
That's one hell of a sheen right there.

This hedgehog is too cute, it's such a sheen.

Ah mate, I told you not to order the double chocolate, you just got sheened.

I got sheened on my way to work, it was raining heavily and now I have to change my clothes.
by Charles F. Sheen IV March 31, 2019

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