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A fluffy white devil cat who spends her time frolicking through the allyways, eating baby bunnies, gathering poop snarls, and winking at passer by's from her under-the-bed lare. she also tries to kill baby walter in his sleep

ie. one whose owners are constantly plotting her downfall and plan to make her dead carcass into a buildabear one day
Sparkles just winked at me!

or- Sparkles has poop snarls! Why do you not want to help her! She doesnt have aposable thumbs! She can't make it on her own!

or- Guess what? The neighborhood park board just released a new law that states that pets who stay outside the home after 2 a.m. will be brought to the pound! Do you know what this means?? Sparkles is an allycat!!! She's as good as dead!

by Charlene Gupta August 24, 2006
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A word used to describe an agreement with an opinion or statement. used as an expression, similiar to: indeed. or sweet jesus i agree!
Babysitter: Sparkles poop snarls won't come out! She needs a hairbrush!

kid: and how!!
by Charlene Gupta August 23, 2006
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