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Pronounced - Baa-sturred

1. A fucking retard
2. An asshole
3. Pubic Hair
4. The only guy to advocate War for Peace ...
Phil : Tonight's gonna be a good good night, cos. I'ma gonna get laid ...
Drake : You bush, your bushes are coming down your underwear in locks. Clip em before showing you pee-pee to Hannah.
by Chamaar May 13, 2010

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World's best forum, advocating the message "Broadcast Yourself" to everyone from from fetuses to dead people. However, it suffers from two major short-comings:
1. Absence of porn, full strip-teases and other such forms of nudity.
2. Absence of voice recognition.
Phil : Man, I had to like, totally get off last saturday, and nothing on Youtube could even get my pecker to reach mid-way ...
Duke : Try YouPorn ... !!!
by Chamaar May 15, 2010

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Another word for 'Goodbye', generally used by Chinese Mafia Bosses while bidding farewell to the family members of a kidnapped guy (as shown in the youth-centered, 'Hangover').
Toodaloo Mothafucker
by Chamaar April 27, 2010

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