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Word originated in West Indies. A mother of cattle, is an extra large cattle, cattle meaning a lard-assed fat woman. Please see meaning of cattle.
Look at the cattle comin; oh no, it's no cattle, it's mother of cattle.

Get outta way for the mother of cattle.
by CattlesRgr8 July 20, 2017
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From West Indies. A gorilla, also known as Cattle, is an extra fat woman, who loves food, is fat all over, but pays extra attention to her toes with nice nail polish.
What a lard ass gorilla! cattle with nice toes.
by CattlesRgr8 July 19, 2017
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From hiphop. A fat boy, oblivious of his lard and appearance, only likes pretty girls with extra large hooters, but as a failure with women, regularly resorts to breadfruit abuse for his carnal desire.
What a fatty , a kunumunu and a breadfruit abuser.
by CattlesRgr8 July 19, 2017
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