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A magical place that you can only get to on a magic carpet ridein a time befor we can even remember Germany was already divided in half with a good side and a bad side. For many years the two sides battled for the land even though the door could not be opend a young man from parts unknown rather a stranger accidently opend the door colliding the 2 sides. That mans name was Skyler Tyzon thus emerged the battle for good and evil. Evil won the terrible war which triggerd events that emerged WW1. The evil King Krawg was dying so he hid in a mans body that man was Adolf Hitler.for many years WW1 was fought then WW2 emerged. Then one day a brave little caterpillar prince embeded himself in Hitlers brain Krawg found out and shot him self trying to kill the Prince. After that Germany was free and this time a wall was built. But there was unfinished buisness betwwen the Caterpillar Prince and the new ruler of Evil Gorpgorp Krawgs father Girgorp destroyed the wall but fortunatley the goos side won. And now the Caterpillar Prince rules Germany and made it what it is today.

The End!
Boberto: you know what i love about Germany

Hankerson: Its history?

Boberto: No! the women
by Caterpillar Prince January 02, 2009
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