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A hippie who thinks the world is owed to them and they walk around with their hands out looking for free stuff. Taking things that don't belong to them, most likely without asking. But unlike a thief, they just believe if it wasn't being used, no one wanted it. Stuff can be food, clothes, any items that might otherwise make it in the trash. The worlds first human rats.

Might find them in hostels for a night. Campgrounds until thrown out. Usually beach areas(the reason they have laws against camping on most beaches). Didgeridoo or ukulele in hand they come from far and wide to play for anyone who will listen.

most of the time smelling to high heaven even after showering/usually dreadlocks are involved(but not required)
Freeppie: any person walking down the street with no home(without shoes in warmer climates) but unlike a homeless beggar, they have some societal views and lack anti-social behavior. A wanderer of towns and cities across the globe seeking others of the same category. Sometimes traveling in pairs.
by cat mandoo March 10, 2014
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To move close or (get in the face) of someone, with the intent of creating conflict, intimidation or challenge.
"If that nigga wants to jump ugly on my ass, I'm gonna punch him in that face right quick!"
by Cat Mandoo December 13, 2007
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