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An indie will never tag themself as indie but will reiceve the tag from the people and peers around them.it's about being yourself.

It isn't a trend, it's a way. Your just like that. An indie has their style and no matter how much copperates target wannabes. Wannabe can never be indie because indie means independant / not mainstream -completly different to sell out "indie" stuff like (vans and pennyboards).

-Indies are indie because of their taste in music. It also sets out the real indies from the fake. Their taste is alternative and indie.
-The Arts are a big part of indie life.
-Indies dont mind what other people think of them. But they still try to look good/presentable.
- They have vintage looking taste and will stay away from mainstream trends.
- The reason i don't list what clothes they wear is because only wannabe indies would care.

Big mistake people make:
- Indies think they are more superior then everyone else. They don't think that they look like that because they don't respond to the glares of judgement from the scene.
-Indies hate all mainstream music. They will mostly stay away from it but may sometime enjoy a song in the top 40. What they hate is cooperates selling bands advertising them as mainstream.
-Indies are Emo, this one will probably piss an indie off the most. Emos basically stole the indie look and made it all black.
Indies dont mind what other people think of them. But they still try to look good/presentable.
~Wannabe indie: Wakes up with bed hair goes out in public
~Indie Guy: wakes up combs hair, styles it to look like bed hair.

~ Wannabe indie (tries to be indie): I'm so indie i got some vans and downloaded snow patrol they so rule.
~ Indie: You could never be indie because indie can't be bought.

~Wannabe Indie: Goes on the internet to see what a indies wears so they could go to school thinking their indie.

~ Wannabe Girl Indie: Im so indie i like love the indie music and the pennyobards are so cool like thats sooo indie. Indie like totally rule. Ekkkkkkkk
~ Indie Girl: You could never be an indie even if your life depended on it. No website on the world would tell you how to be indie.

Call yourself Indie. Your not indie if you do that. If you think you need to do that for people to think your "cool" then you are a wannabe indie.
by Case study: Indie March 02, 2012
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