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i5 is a high five that is sent via internet. i5 the best way to express a high five using a computer not only because i5 sounds like high five but i5 is also easy to type. i5 also lends to the i.t. term so it it appeals to everyone from Trekkies to Techies.
nice one buddy....................i5
by Carnivorous Koala December 26, 2009
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Refers to an undesirable condition either a male or female has contracted during sex.

Just like luggage once you got it, you can't get rid of it.
Mate;"I'm going to take this hottie home and fuck her all night long"
Me; " Tarp up dude, Cabin baggage"
Mate;" Second thoughts, you want more beer"

Hottie ;" I'd let him go me on the skins"
Friend;" For real , honey he got cabin baggage"
Hottie;" Ew Ew Ew"
by Carnivorous Koala July 06, 2016
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