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Well the name of the town is Bloomsburg its in Pennsylvania (the only town in PA by the way) but I am referring to the university that occupies the town. This is a single college man's best wet dream, a daughter's fathers nightmare, and a binge drinking college students haven. The parties are everflowing as well as the beer, the drugz are readily available, as well as the very attractive women. People come from all over the country but most are from PA and dirty Jerz. You can graduate in 4 if your bad ass enough but most take 5, 6, or 7 yrs. Some dont make it all but thats ok because for those who didnt make the grade they had more fun then most. A day at Bloom goes as follows: wake up, go to the Union or Commons for lunch, smoke pot during the day, maybe hit up a class or two, hit the gym, start pregaming around 7ish,(Keystone is a big hit), play some beer pong, flirt w as many hotties as you can, hit a frat or a sorority, (drinking whatever you can the whole time), midnight hit Hess's and get totally bombed, pick up a hot babe, go to Sals for some pizza, have a one night stand, and do it all over again. God I love college.
Carmdog: What do you wanna do tonight?
Mike: Get drunk and get laid?
Carmdog: Sounds good, baseball house is throwing down and there will be some hotties running around.
Mike: Cool, Crows throwing a midnighter and so are the Spreaders.
Carmdog: Right on, Well lets order some beer and get this party started.
Mike: A-Boys coming to Bloomsburg tonight!
Carmen: Fuck ya.
by Carmdogger December 21, 2006

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