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Unknowingly to the American general public, the Cube was the original small boxy car, as it was introduced in 1998, quite contrary to the Scion xB ad,"The Original." It is quite the cute little rounded box, with a really peppy 4-Cylinder, an optional 5-speed manual, and a really really spacious interior for it's size. It comes in many different-from-usual colors, such as Moss Green, Caribbean Blue, and Bitter Chocolate. The wrap-around rear window is actually not really that much of a help in terms of vision, though. It can come with a Bose stereo system with two tweeters, six speakers, and a sub woofer. The little things in the interior are cool, too: The little bungees on the doors to hold things on, the cup holder in front of the A/C vent, the interior lighting, the light-up kick plates that say Cube, the ripple-shaped theme, the perfectly shaped seats, the aestheticness of everything, etc....

To sum it all up, It's the best (small) car ever.
Joe: I got a Nissan Cube, It rocks!
Billy Bob: nuh uhh, the Scion xB is so much cooler, duhhhhhh......
Joe: Mine came first, and it is so much faster!
Billy Bob: ....... ok.
by Car Person April 24, 2010

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