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1. A dildo with a vagina end, so a male and a female can interact in sexual relations without transferring body fluids. This is a great way to have sex with your lover without transmitting, Herpes, AIDs, HIV, Death, Super Herpes, The Clap, Gonorrhea, BPS (Burning Penis Syndrome), and Oh Shit my Vagniaites. Also can be used if your lover has a small penis or incredibly loose vagina resembling the sand monster from Star Warz. Specifically useful for Catholics, Asians, and abstinent idiots.

2. An extremely offensive insult.
1. Man, I'm so happy my small penised boy friend who happens to have all sorts of STD's got a Vagildo. Now we can have sex without care!

2. YOU'RE SUCH A VAGILDO. (use capital letters to emphasize the strength of your voice)

3. This Vagildo is Tail Gate Tested and Tail Gate Approved!
by Captain Ghostbuster November 12, 2009

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