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People who support the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, and/or Eagles (as in Boston College Eagles).

Also known as the most annoying fanbase in the country. While all sports fans can be considered annoying by fans of other teams, Boston sports fans take annoying to a new level.

Boston spent many years playing second fiddle to New York when it came to sports. So when their teams actually started winning, they had no idea how to behave like any other fan.

Thus, they will tell anyone who prefers a different team how awesome (insert name of Boston team here) is and how (insert name of another fan's team here) sucks. Never mind that the Patriots cheated and then choked in the Super Bowl, they're still the best team of all time (according to Boston sports fans).

On top of all that, they really have no idea how annoying they are to those who don't support a team from Boston. They believe that they behave like every other sports fan in the country when in truth, no one else spends all their time yelling in other people's faces, "My team is the best in the world and yours SUCKS!!!!!!!"

Boston sports fans also use the word "wicked" way too much.
Boston sports fans in action:

Boston sports fan: The Giants suck and the Patriots are still the best team of all time, Tom Brady owns Eli Manning!
Normal sports fan: Dude, if the Patriots are soooo much better, why couldn't they beat the Giants in the Super Bowl?
Boston sports fan: Well, I bet your team couldn't win 18 games in one season!
Normal sports fan: I'd rather be 9-7 and still win the Super Bowl than win 18 games and lose the biggest game of all time.
Boston sports fan: We still won 3 Super Bowls! And the Celtics have the best record in basketball!!!!! How 'bout them apples?
by can't think of one December 23, 2008

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A wide receiver for the New York Giants, though I don't know how long he'll be keeping this position. He caught the winning touchdown in Super Bowl XLII against the undefeated* New England Patriots, but then the next season he shot himself in the leg and was charged with illegal possession of a firearm since apparently the gun was not licensed. His injury was not severe, but he's still in big trouble. Also, it's been discovered that he has no auto insurance.
It's too bad Plaxico Burress shot himself in the foot (pun intended). He could have had a great career.
by can't think of one December 23, 2008

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The biggest choke artist of all time. Led his team to 18-0, but then he lost in Super Bowl XLII, in which the widely criticized Eli Manning led the Giants to victory, marking the second time in a row that a Manning ended the Patriots' season.

Brady is called the greatest quarterback ever, but Rex Grossman could lead a team to 18-0 if he knew what the defense was doing before plays. He also has a great offensive line, because
1) When he was placed on injured reserve (thank you Bernard Pollard), backup Matt Cassel, who had never started an NFL game in his life, won 11 games for the Patriots. Why? He had good protection.
2) The Giants sacked Brady five times in the Super Bowl, due to the Patriots choking and the Giants' having everyone outside of Boston backing them up. Without the protection he normally got, he couldn't do anything. Not even lead his team to a victory over the 13-6 New York Giants.

Brady is also a sore loser. He refuses to shake anyone's hand after a loss. Seen after blowing the AFC Championship against the Colts by throwing an interception running to the locker room, not making eye contact with anyone.

And he got his girlfriend pregnant and left her.
1. Oh man, I would have gotten an A in the class but I failed the last test of the term! I feel like such a Tom Brady!
2. Good friend Peyton Manning criticized Tom Brady for how he handled the news of Bridget's pregnancy. "He wouldn't even shake her hand. He just ran straight for the locker room and hit the showers. What a sore loser," Manning said, staring at his Super Bowl ring.
by Can't think of one January 10, 2009

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