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An internet site (also known as MUA) where a vast majority of delusional women on SSRI's holding dead end jobs post from their cubes on their ever expanding asses about the following on a daily basis: celebrities, poop, engagement rings, what is considered fat, open bars at a wedding, declawing, breastfeeding, etc., etc. While bitching about husbands, kids and the state of the union, it is customary to be snarky yet possess the ability to (((hug))). Sound bipoloar? It is. Do not disagree or bring up an opinion contrary to the majority on at the time for you will create massive drama and be shunned from the very "life" before your monitor.

I knew my life had hit a low when I posted every five minutes on makeupalley during the day.
by CallmeErinMc July 26, 2006
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