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1. A shortening of words, generally English, in an attempt to type more quickly and easily.

2. A series of abbreviations used to represents words and phrases in order to increase internet typing speed.

3. A language seen almost exclusively on the internet in chatrooms, instant messenger programs, online games, and message boards or forums; usually a shortened, abbreviated version of English.

4. In chatspeak, there is generally an absence of proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation
Below are some various forms of chatspeak:

1. Vowels are often ommitted
2. duplicate consonants are sometimes ommitted
3. "z" is often substituted for "c"
4. "i" and "y" become interchangeable (lyke means like; mi means my)

1. Whatever becomes w/e; Because becomes b/c, bc, cuz, bcuz, b-cuz, cuz, cause
2. Any becomes NE, ne (ne1 means anyone); Am becomes M (I m kool)
3. Girlfriend/Boyfriend become GF/BF
4. Our/Are become R; You becomes U; Your/You're become UR; See/Sea become C; Be/Bee/Be- become B (b4 means before)
5. One/Won become 1; To/Two/Too become 2; For/Four/Fore become 4; ate/eight become 8 (singular or within words: Gr8 means Great; Sk8r means Skater)
6. -ight endings become -ite (tonite/2nite means tonight)

1. LOL - Laughing out loud; lots of laughs
2. ROFL - Rolling on the floor laughing
3. LMAO - Laughing my ass off
4. OMG - Oh my god
5. JK - Just kidding
6. TTYL/T2UL - Talk to you later

A: OMG did U C that grrl 2dai
B: ya she wuz 2 funy i thot she wuz goin 2 fall down 4 sur!
A: me2 lol but we 1 the game so w/e! do u wanna c a movie 2nite
B: ya totlly u shud cum 2 mi house B4
A: k i g2g c u l8r gf
B: k ttyl
by Cadence Raine February 08, 2008
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