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Commonly known and referred to as CH-CH.

Chapel Hill - Chancy Hall School has a culturally diverse student body of about 170 boys and girls. Some of our students are from outside the U.S., coming to us from such regions as Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Africa. Because of our diversity, we teach and live in an atmosphere of mutual respect for differences, including those of culture, ethnicity, religion, philosophy, and sexuality. Whether day or boarding, our students help create a vibrant community that encourages rich and lasting friendships.

Our students have a wide range of academic backgrounds and a desire and potential to achieve greater success. Many students come to CH-CH because they are not satisfied, academically or socially, with their current (often larger) school settings. All students find a school that is supportive, academically challenging, and focused on successful preparation for college.
Hey, what's CH-CH?

It stands for Chapel Hill - Chauncy Hall School, it's in Waltham, near Boston, MA.
by CHCH Charger April 21, 2009
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