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(n) - sexual act performed by one receiving fellatio in which the party getting blown extracts his penis from the mouth of the giver at the point of imminent ejaculation, aims and sprays the ejaculate onto the face of his partner, and then proceeds to throw a handful of chopped peanuts into the cum-glue while re-inserting the member back into the partner's mouth thus mimicking the appearance of a candied apple. This maneuver can prove ultimately difficult to perform due to scarcity of readily available chopped peanuts and the possibility of triggering a pesky allergic reaction to the nuts, or the cum, so vital to its success.

Washington Candy Apple is so named due to the popularity and variety of apples grown in the State of Washington, as well as the location of this word's origin.
"I didn't get to go to the carnival last night, but I still got a Washington Candy Apple from your sister."
by CC-Bone December 25, 2007

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