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Having great intellect in all things sarcastic and smack talkable while possessing a wit and subtle charm as not to offend.

Usually found in or around the NW Portland area (and sometimes Spokane).
OH SNAP! That was one hellacious burn J-sizzle laid on me.
by C-aught you slippin' August 24, 2006

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The feeling one gets from consuming large quantities of Americans favorite plentiful dish... Meafloaf. Usually found under the #7 combo on any classy truck stop dinner menu.
Flow, your meatloaf is puttin' the serious hurt on me.... I'm totally J-loaf'd

Ketchup before and after, yup, that's what is making me feel like a J-loaf.

Oh, I am absolutely stuffed from this large helping of plentiful meatloaf with a side of plentiful meatloaf, and of course my melatté didn't help either. I'm so J-loaf'd I need to undo the top button.
by C-aught you slippin' August 25, 2006

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