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Where the biddies are boppin' and the playas get poonan all day. Formally known as P BURGH .. some may even go as far as to call it Plattsvegas, either name will suffice. Everyday is a party and whether you are invited is up to you. Beers Blunts and Bongs are around every corner. If you go here and havent smoked a fatty behind Wilson .. you havent lived.

Parties at frats are sketchy but theres no place to sketch around like the Burgh. Brink, Couch, Helen, South Catherine, and Broad are the names of the streets that will hold your finest party memories .. or lack there of.

fucken rage burgh style, i dare you
I was so fucked up last night .. only at SUNY Plattsburgh
by Buthole Bandit April 27, 2011
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