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when you are coming down from various drugs alchohol you ingested over the last two day, you still cant sleep so you drink beer and smoke weed to ease the pain.
"It's 9am and we are still up from friday, looks like another sketchy sunday guys"
by BurnabyDan November 20, 2005
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A bouncer is the first face you see when entering a bar, pub, or night club, and how they treat you often sets the mood for the night. they make sure everyone who enters the establishment is of legal drinking age, not overly intoxicated, dressed according the the bars dresscode, not carying any weapons or drugs. They tend to be large and muscular. their job is to make sure that the bar is safe for the customers and bar staff alike. the bouncers duties inside the bar are to eject overly drunk people and trouble makers, and to prevent and break up fights, make sure people pay for their drinks. If you treat a bouncer with respect, most will act in kind. If you act like an asshole, chances are you will wake up in an ally in a pool of your own blood with serious head trauma.
"I called the bouncer a pussy, that was the last time I saw out of my right eye"
"I gave the bouncer at the door a fifty and he let me and my friends in right away, without cover charge too!"
"that bouncer saved my ass from getting jumped, I'm gonna buy him some drinks for after he gets off work"
by BurnabyDan November 25, 2005
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