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It means everything is all G between you and me!
Max: Oh shit! My bad, I just knocked over your drink.

Matt: its all gravy . It was empty anyways.
by BurnYourFlag May 05, 2007

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A person (usually with an ethnic background consisting of Hawaiian, Filipino, and/or Japanese. And in some very rare cases Caucasian) who is a local of one of the Hawaiian islands. Is extremely profound and in most cases, fluent in the use of "pidgin" laguage. These people usually have an IQ of 50 but make up for it with thier ability to talk a lot of trash. They engage in a lot of trash talk, and usually have nothing to back it up. They enjoy getting into fights at school and hoping that it will gain them many popularity points. Their "fights" are mostly pushing around and yelling the phrase "wat 'chu faka" out loud many times and are broken up extemely quickly. Many mokes may look tough but are actually very sensitive. If you joke about them, they threaten you, if you look at them they get pissed very quickly, and if your a white person, they will call you a "haole" and tell you to get out of Hawaii. Mokes believe that the white man took over and degraded Hawaii when really, the white man helped modernize Hawaii.
They also have low-income familys. Which probably explains why they can't speak proper English. Which makes it very hard to understand them
Moke: What 'chu faka? Like scrap?

person: Do I know you?

Moke: Faka, you teasing me?

person: Who the hell are you?

Moke: psh, faka you not worth it brah. *walks away*

person: Jeeze, he's such a moke I swear. *shakes head*

by BurnYourFlag August 27, 2006

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