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The very important part of the brit millah added around 140 AD where the mohel uses his inch long fingernails to rip the foreskin from the glans of the infant so that at least 50% of the skin on the penis can be cut off, thus preventing a Jewish boy from ever being able to pull enough foreskin forward to pretend he is not Jewish.
The mohel inserted his dirty finger nail under the foreskin of the baby and brit periah ripped it from the glans as one would rip open the eyes of a puppy or a kitten.

The term Perry Knife comes from this
by Brit Pariah March 05, 2009

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Rim cheese is not male smegma. Nor do male babies or children produce smegma. Rim cheese is female smegma at and around the labia minora and labia majora that have oozed out of the vagina and under the hood of the clitoris.

females produce far more smegma that intact males produce.
American women produce more rim cheese on their vulvas than uncircumcised European, Latino and Asian men generate under their foreskins.

by Brit Pariah March 05, 2009

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The final part of the bris after the ripping of the periah and the cutting of the millah where the mohel puts wine in his mouth and then sucks the wounded penis in order to encourage the wound to bleed more in order to purify the child of original sin. Introduced around the 6th century AD.
At the cocktail party, the homosexual was introduced to the Hassidic Rabbi famous for his sensuous metizeh peh, and the homosexual responded,
"Oh so you've sucked more cocks than I have! and they were all babies! Why are you serving life in prison?"
by Brit Pariah March 05, 2009

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