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Slutty bitches who crave attention. It's said they couldn't be able to live without it, however this theory has never been proven due to the fact they get mass amounts of attention anyway for carrying the shallow, clone-like personalities they've acquired over the years. Why does this get them attention? Because it's a pretty big deal when the quarterback's condoms all breaks and half the team gets pregnant. They're generally stupid and aren't able to think for themselves. They swallow anything right up that's mainstream or what someone tells them they should like. They look at other non-cheerleaders as far below them and, when joining a cheer squad, generally stop being friends with those who have not crossed over to the evils of cheerleading. Because they are the superior race, they believe only in wearing extremely bright colors, and, when going out on a limb in wearing a darker color, risk the rejection of their fellow cheerclones.

They cheer for the sport because they aren't able to actually play for the sport. They claim it takes great athletic ability and muscle, cordination, and hard work to cheer. Sadly, this is not in the slightest bit accurate. Most cheerleaders are fat and ugly, craving the acceptance of other human beings. The ones that aren't fat and fugly only cheer because they think they're far hotter than they actually are and would like to show it off by wearing a "uniform" where everyone gets to see their panties.

However what makes me laugh the most at these pathetic life forms, is that they claim none of this is true.
"Those who can't do, become a cheerleader."
by Brianna Jonsan June 07, 2007
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