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Real name, Olivia Irene Gonzales. The sweetest and most gorgous little girl to ever walk the earth. Known to have the most swag a texan can have. A little qt with a great heart. Also Chachi is the youngest girl to be on the show, ABDC, and is on the ABDC season 6 champs; team I Am Me Crew. Get to know her....she's a sweetheart annnd has a great family. She doesnt think of fans as just fans, she thinks of them as family so she gave her fans/family a nickname. Her fans are called Koala Dance Bots and they equal up to a Koala Dance Bot Nation. Her older brother David and older sister Dominique are AHHHH-mazing. They have the GonzalesSWAG. Im a Koala Dance Bot. Are you?
Mom: hey did you see that little girl on tv? She has so much swag.

Daughter: Of course, thats Chachi Gonzales. Do you live under a rock!
by Bree26zy June 12, 2011

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