1 definition by Breda <3 Elena

The dynamics of the love/hate relationship are based on both mutual admiration and irritation.

Usually such a relationship is formed unintentionally by people who are complete opposites being flung together, such as an introduction through a mutual friend.

Although unsuited to each other's presence, the lover/haters will usually find it hard to exclude the other from their life and day-to-day activities.

Similar to an abusive relationship, the lover/haters constantly crave more conflict while subconsciously seeking the other's approval.

Previously, those engaged in a love/hate relationship were commonly referred to as lover/haters, however the term "pevy" as now surpassed the phrase lover/haters.
I can't stand being in their presence. Talk about a love/hate relationship; those two are constantly bickering. They're such a pevy.
by Breda <3 Elena January 23, 2011
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