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A nice town, probably could also hold the name Chindia for the amount of Chinese and Indian people who live there, also home to nearly 5% of all jews in the world. Home of EB Square, an L-Shaped mall where really all anyone ever does is do tons of laps around it. Probably the only place where when a kid wants a cigarette and will refuse to call it one, many times a cigarette is referred to a bogey which confuses the hell out of anyone who this is asked to. Also it's home to a large amount of freshman and sophies due to the easiness of getting there. Very often you will see kids from Old Bridge, and more recently those pot heads from Spotswood. It is also home to Mega Movies, a huge dissapointment when it comes to movie theaters, make sure when you want to sit down you sit in a small group not by Nathans otherwise you may get into some trouble with the management. When you're walking around the mall there is a whopping 95% chance that you will run into a mall cop that will have a problem with what you're doing, whether it'd be sitting down for too long or not moving (keep your eyes out for the black haired mall cop, don't have a staring contest with him he always cheats with his laser) Most people once they're done with the mall just leave or head outside to smoke some weed. Finally, you will probably never see more people wearing those North Face jackets with a million pockets all over them anywhere else. Great sightseeing for those who never get outside.

"Come on guys keep it moving"

"But... we're sitting"

"Yes, well there is a strict sitting time limit of.... up well it just went down to a mere 5 minutes"


"Yup, sorry keep it moving"

10 minutes later...

*Inhaling sound*

"Aghhhh yeah thats good shit"

"You East Brunswick kids ain't that bad"

"Neither are you John from Spotswood"
by Brandon... Yes February 05, 2009
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